is the best spot for your STICKERS.

Is my sticker wall the best place for your sticker? Yes definitely! No one will rip you off on mystickerwall. Neither pensioner nor technical services. Very safe. And more people see it than on the street. More years. Since 2013. And they can click on your link. A wide range of projects. From around the world. It’s a good investment. Good advertisement. Support us and we will support you. That is it.

Rules for stickers: NO POLITICS, NO GAMBLING, NO PHARMA, NO SEX, NO EXTREME! This is collection of beautiful stickers by creative people.

i Try

  • Sticker in collectiokn
  • 5 days in sponsored area
  • 2 Active links
  • Cool promo


  • 3 beautiful stickers on the wall
  • 10 days in sponsored area
  • Up to 3 active links
  • Cool promo

Lets Go!

  • Give me 5 stickers
  • 30 days in sponsored area
  • Up to 5 active links
  • Cool promo & present

Choose the amount of contribution you want and can support us with and click the button “apply your sticker”. The service has been added to your cart. You will be redirected to the selected support option / product. Via the link in stripe at the top of the product, go to the Card and continue purchasing the service as in a regular e-shop. After paying and crediting the payment to our account, a link to the registration form will be sent to your email. You fill it in, insert a picture of the sticker and that’s it! You will be informed by email about the addition of a sticker to the collection and about other forms of support that we have for you. We are mystickerwall, the best spot for stickers onine.

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