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Hi street people,
we are Peter and Jana, stickers lovers from Slovakia. This is our private collection of authentic street stickers from real streets. All stickers in this collection are collectors items, and are not for sale. We share stickers from photos of stickers spotted in public space or stickers uploaded to collection by its authors.

If you like what we do, you can support us here. Buy us beer or two.

We always and immediately inform the owner of the sticker about uploading the sticker to the collection. We respect your copyrights and do not attempt to infringe on it in any way. This is our positive contribution to stickers, fenomen of streets. This is presentation of interesting projects. Our goal is to brighten your day with cool collection. Our marketing is based on you, creative local people of this global world and stickers are just way, how we can find you and connect for good thing.

Censouring of stickers!
We accept the censouring by authors for good reason. All stickers are collectors items with some history. Every sticker has its own story and place where, and by who, was found by.

If you want to join our collection online, here is few rules you have to accept. This is collection of beautiful stickers by creative people. We do not display stickers that link to sites with sexual, political, gambling, pharmaceutical or other extremist content violating any rights and freedoms. If a link from a sticker takes you to a page with such content, we’d appreciate it if you let us know. !!NOTE!! Mystickerwall is not responsible for the content and changes of third party on websites behind links published in this collection.

Every sticker is some project. Mystickerwall is not only collection, but marketing tool as well. Do you want more views, likes, sharings, folowers, reviews ….? New audience? Support your sticker and move in to sponsored stickers area. For stickers in the collection for 4,99€ or any donation. Use red button in detail of your sticker.
For new stickers are possible 3 options. For more click her >> Apply your sticker <<. Promotion is automatic for each applied sticker.

Peter & Jana

-- Fresh Mix of stickers --

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