Mystickerwall is a collection of authentic street stickers by real people and honor for this street art culture. Stickers are categorized into seven categories. Discover, share, and spread the word. The main page features new stickers searchable by country, language, and category. Sponsored stickers from supportive projects are highlighted, with more details in the sponsorship section. Random stickers emulate the street vibe. The final section showcases rated and commented stickers. Stick with us and contribute to the largest online street sticker collection.

Mystickerwall offers excellent promotion for your projects through stickers. Stick with us and showcase your sticker in a sponsored area for 5, 10, or 30 days HERE. If your sticker is part of the collection, utilize the red button “Move to the Best spot” in its details. Thank you for your support; in return, we will introduce you to our vast audience.

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This is a gallery of stickers hunts by us and our friends around the world.

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